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 Convention Information
The Convention Information committee communicates by word of mouth all  upcoming events associated with the NHACNA to the NA community, as well as, distributes convention information flyers for NHACNA.   Convention information is the focal point of contact for anyone needing information about our NHACNA. 
Please email newhopeconvention@yahoo.com with any questions you have about convention events.
Letter to Agencies:
Thank you for your ongoing support of recovery from addiction.  NHACNA is hosting its 27th annual convention in 2020.
NHACNA requests that  your agency assists us by informing your clients of the upcoming convention.  If your facility chooses to accompany your clients to the convention, please alert us of the number you will bring.  Email us at newhopeconvention@yahoo.com with questions or write to us at:
P.O. Box 25237
Durham, NC  27702
Thank you for your cooperation.
 In loving service, 
Information Chair

New Hope Area meeting directory: http://crna.org/ascs/13/